Literature; Culture; Environment; Ecocriticism; Ecofeminism; Animal Studies; Bio-art; Environmental Ethics

Journal History

Ecozon@ was founded in 2010 as a joint initiative of GIECO (Ecocritical Research Group in Spain) and EASLCE (European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment) and is published by the University of Alcalá as of 2014. 2014 also marked a significant change from a small Advisory board, mostly of EASCLE members, to a large internationally reputed and interdisciplinary Advisory Board.

The founding editorial board consisted of Carmen Flys (Editor in chief), Axel Goodbody (Associate Editor), Imelda Martin and Margarita Carretero (Managing Editors), Isabel Hoving (Creative Writing and Arts Editor), Hannes Bergthaller (Book Review Editor) and Irene Sanz (Secretary). In our fifth year, 2014, Margarita Carretero and Isabel Hoving were substituted by Diana Villanueva and Serenella Iovino, respectively. At the same time, Roman Bartosch joined the team as Assistant Editor. At the end of 2016, Imelda Martin and Roman Bartosch stepped down and Lorraine Kerslake came on board as Managing editor. Ecozon@ also expanded the number of assistant editors to four, one for each language: Margot Lauwers, Louise Squire, Christopher Schliephake and Adele Tiengo. In 2018 we welcomed Damiano Benvengu as the new Creative Writing and Arts Editor as Serenella Iovino stepped down. In 2019, Hannes Bergthaller,who has been with Ecozon@ since its founding as Book Review Editor, stepped down and Astrid Bracke and M. Isabel Perez joined the board as the book review editor and assistant editor, respectively.