The Book Review Editor will be responsible for the Book Reviews section of the journal. In the first instance, s/he will receive offers of books for review from publishers, identify suitable reviewers, and solicit reviews.  Together with the Assistant Book Review Editor, they will be responsible for accepting/rejecting all submissions (with at least one additional blind reviewer). They will edit submissions, or request help with editing (for instance if the submission is in a language they are not familiar with), so as to ensure the language and content are appropriate. They will determine the composition of each issue and the sequence of reviews. (N.B. Issues are published twice a year, in spring and autumn. We aim for 4-6 reviews per issue, but this is flexible). These can be regular book reviews or review essays of a series of related books on a specific issue. In addition to responding to publishers’ requests for reviews of books concerned with Ecozon@’s thematic focus, the Review Editor will maintain a general overview of new publications in the field of ecocriticism, request review copies of further studies which merit the attention of Ecozon@ readers, and arrange for their timely review. Ecozon@ has a special focus on European and transnational ecocriticism, and aspires to serve as a platform for communication between ecocritics working in Spanish, French, German and Italian as well as English. The remit of the Review Editor therefore includes arranging reviews in English (as lingua franca) of important studies in other languages, as well as reviews in any Ecozon@ language.


Ecozon@‘s current Assistant Review Editor provides general support and bears responsibility for carrying out whichever of these activities are agreed with the Review Editor. She can provide the incoming Book Review Editor with special help in learning the task. It is hoped that between both book review editors at least 4 Ecozon@ languages can be covered. The current Assistant Book Review Editor works with English and Spanish and her research focus is environmental justice and US Native American literature.



This position is unpaid, as are the other positions on the Ecozon@ Editorial Board. However, it offers the following benefits:

  • Contributing to a quality journal and gaining editing experience
  • Working at home, in your preferred time frame, having only to meet the journal’s production deadlines in spring and autumn
  • Working with a dynamic international team, strongly committed to the environmental humanities in a virtual environment
  • Participating in a relatively young project with room for creativity and new ideas
  • Gaining and maintaining an overview of new publications in the field of ecocriticism (especially European ecocriticism)
  • Establishing links with an international network of environmentally committed scholars, and learning about environmental writing and culture.



  • An active and committed person, mid-career path and a team player, preferably willing to begin work immediately (although the Autumn issue is already in process).
  • Knowledge and experience working in literary or cultural criticism, and the ability to make judgements about the importance of new publications and the quality of reviews submitted to the journal.
  • Contacts with potential reviewers (or at least the possibility of developing contacts, for instance by attending ecocriticism and other conferences)
  • Excellent command of English and preferably knowledge of two of the following languages, at least at a working level: French, German, Italian
  • Persons willing to learn to manage the virtual platform (OJS)
  • A three-year commitment to the journal (preferably longer)


If interested, please send CV and cover letter explaining why you are interested and believe you fit the position of Book Review Editor as advertised. Send to both General Editor (Carmen Flys: and Associate Editor (Axel Goodbody: by  June 15, 2020.