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Easy Retired Millionaire

by Jeni Clara (2019-02-19)

Shorten your list, then delegate what is left. You cannot do everything, so stop stressing Easy Retired Millionaire Review yourself out by loading more onto your plate than you are humanly capable of doing. First, you must decide which items on your to do list are the top several priorities. Just start crossing off anything that is not an absolute must do baking cookies for every long lost relative, having a seven course holiday meal, going to every single party you are invited to, getting the kids that one impossible item that you can't find anywhere. Next start delegating what is left. Do you have co-workers that can help with your clients' year-end prep? Do you have family and friends that you could get on board to help with your holiday preparations? Grab everyone you can and put them to work. You cannot do it all yourself, so stop trying and recruit already. Get realistic about the help you have. Usually our expectations for other people are too high, which can result in us getting frustrated and disappointed. Everyone is not exactly like us and everyone has his or her own area of expertise. Don't assume that everyone will do it exactly like you would. Recognize their strengths and embrace their weaknesses. Try to delegate them tasks in their areas of expertise. If you want everybody to be "happy," don't plan on loading him or her down with unrealistic expectations. You want to be able to productively work together and get things done without it leading to getting on each other's nerves.