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Yoga Burn Review

by jessieka jessie (2019-02-21)

There is a wide range of natural remedies available Yoga Burn and it is easier for people to use these remedies as they can be performed at home. Women suffer from yeast infection known as vaginal candidiasis and men suffer from penile yeast infections.Yoghurt is a very popular natural treatment of yeast infection. You can apply it to the infected area or simply ingest it. The lactobacillus acidophilus contained in yoghurt helps to inhibit the growth of yeast fungus. Yoghurt further reinstates good bacteria in the system to prevent from further infections.Many people also choose to use honey as a natural treatment. Honey provides a soothing effect and can be applied to the area of infection before having your bath. Honey also contains the good bacteria which limits the growth of yeast fungus.Another natural remedy for yeast infections is the use of garlic. You can either eat raw garlic or apply it to the affected area. Women who suffer from yeast infections often wrap garlic in cheesecloth and insert it into their vagina. Garlic has anti fungal properties and it kills the yeast fungus and cures the infection.Another popular home remedy is white vinegar. White vinegar can be diluted in warm water and used for douching. It is advisable to use just a few teaspoons of vinegar in about one liter of water. Douching with this solution provides fast relief and effective treatment.However, if you don't get relief from the natural remedies, then you should consult your doctor for diagnosis. It is also important to make changes to your dietary habits if you are consuming too much sugary and yeasty food. These foods promote growth of yeast fungus which cause yeast infection.