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The Ethereum Machine

by Jeni Clara (2019-02-26)

Investors limit their risks by using different methodologies in buying shares. The Ethereum Machine Review For those investors who are not huge risks takers, they use the model called Dividend Growth Model. It has been said that this model has been proven strong, low risk and can produce long term returns comparing to the other model that investors used. To use this model, investors must be patient watching while their dividends were slowly increasing annually. The concept behind this model of investing is to buy a solid share with tracks of increasing dividend annually. The increase rate of dividends would likely support higher stock prices over long term as many investors were searching for attractive yields. The model is proven to be prudent since the increase of dividend rate will also increase one's yield as a percentage of a purchace price. This kind of strategy were suitable for investors who wants to protect themselves form inflation. Since dividends increase every year, the income that the investors get will also increase. Most companies who fall from this strategy were stable and large by nature. The CAPM on the other hand, proposed a higher rate of risks than dividend growth model. CAPM or Capital Asset Pricing Model is introduced by Jack Treynor, William Sharpe, John Linther and Jan Mossin. CAPM is a model for pricing an individual's security or a portfolio. Another thing many people do not do that cost them a lot of money is having an exit point. An exit point is when you give yourself a percentage gain that you are going to sell at. Where people mess up is there stock starts doing really good and they want to ride it to the top and make more money. What ends up happening is that they do not get out at the right time and end up losing money when they had the perfect chance to sell with a good gain.