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ActivGuard Bladder Control

by Jeni Clara (2019-02-27)

There are various things that one needs to consider before applying a bandage to an injured person. ActivGuard Bladder Control Review The first thing is that before applying any dressing the person applying the dressing should wash and dry their hands properly. In addition to this the following steps/ advice needs to be taking into consideration. Make sure that the person being wrapped with the bandage is sitting or lying down. It is usually not advisable to bandage a person while standing up. It is better to describe to the person whom you are wrapping the bandage on what you are doing. Sort of like a running commentary. If the area that is injured is also bleeding then you need to stop the bleeding. This can be done by applying pressure on the bleeding area and raising the inflicted area above heart level. The dressing that you are using should be slightly bigger than the wound that needs to be covered. The dressing should be held by its ends so that your fingers are away from the part that will cover the wound. Application of the bandage should begin placing the dressing on top of the wound not from the side of the wound. As mentioned, pressure is needed to stop the wound from bleeding but one should be careful not to apply too much pressure as this may restrict blood circulation to the wound. Sterile dressing pads that are attached to bandages can also be used on wounds. These are usually available in a protective wrapping.