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How To Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals The 3 absolute worst health and health targets you must avoid. It's time to set that New Year's decision And we're not talking about vowing to drop kilos or get lean (though these ideas may help in these departments, too). In terms of following by means of with resolutions , the extra particular, the better. So we rounded up eight of essentially the most badass (but doable!) fitness targets you'll need to steal for 2018 — from finally crushing a pull-up to balancing in a handstand, and a few others in between. Plus, we share the concrete steps to assist get you to the finish.­ Pick one or sort out all eight. Either approach, we see some big wins in your future. Mastering the power to perform 25 pushups is a really reasonable, reasonable, and reachable goal for most ladies, says Timothy L. Miller, MD, assistant professor on the Ohio State College Orthopaedic Surgical procedure and Sports activities Medication, OSU Observe and Area Crew Physician, and co-director

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