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Procedure: a facial involving the Green Peel -- ginseng, ginseng, minerals, enzymes and vitamins -- being rubbed over the face and neck in circular motions for up to 10 minutes. This will lead to the facial skin to peel as it would after extreme sun exposure. Initially, the skin looks bloated. On day two, any signature feels just like a nettle sting. Skin lotions from day three to day five, whenever you have a follow-up facialskin. Until thenyou use just the cleaner and the two special lotions supplied as part of the treatment -- also, be warned, you won't wish to appear in people. Homepeel is a new selection (first of it's type ) of skincare that has recently been published with one of Australias top natural producers. Put simply, this means that if you are a person who'd go and spend up to $700 for a 5 day skin peel in a beauty salon, you now have an alternate. It retails for $149.95 and you get approximately ten peels in each kit. This kit is set to flip the beauty business upside

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