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Durban hotels have come a long way over the past handful of years, with the return of the key hotel chains following a lot of years of boycotts during the apartheid era. I consider that is changed nowadays, but there was a point in time when I was with Kimpton exactly where we have been doing a branding exercising around the hotels, simply because they have been all boutiques that had been brands of a single, and we wanted to associate all the hotels collectively as 1 collection so that people who loved 1 hotel could go to another city and discover the other Kimpton hotels. Gerber: I was a industrial genuine estate broker and my brother, Rande, followed me into the enterprise, and a single of his customers was Ian Schrager when he was building the Paramount Hotel and so Rande was the true estate broker attempting to locate him a bar operator to operate this little bar at the Paramount Hotel. Obtaining access to Philippe Starck and David Rockwell to style your first bar was an incredible

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