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Ruth was the spouse of Elliot Handler, a co-founding father of Mattel toy enterprise. In 1954, Ruth discovered that her daughter, Barbara, typically gave her paper dolls adult roles when she performed with them. At the time, the doll sector was flooded with only toddler dolls, for example Chatty Cathy, so Ruth approached her partner and suggested that Mattel release a doll that older girls would take pleasure in twiddling with. He turned down The reasoning, and Mattel's administrators had been unenthusiastic too, to mention the minimum. Fast forward to 1956. On a ecu family vacation together with her youngsters, Ruth stumbled upon a German doll known as Bild Lilli. This doll was what exactly Ruth had in your mind when she had first approached Mattel, so she bought 1 for her daughter and two to just take to Mattel. After she returned to the United States, Ruth redesigned the doll and gave her a brand new title, Barbie, right after her daughter. The primary Barbie doll was debuted for the

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