<b>Reseña de <i>Nudos como estrellas</i></b> // Book Review of <i>Nudos como estrellas</i>

  • Luis I Prádanos Miami University
Keywords: Latin American Ecocriticism, Arguedas


Book Review: Nudos como estrellas. ABC de la imaginación ecológica en nuestras Américas by Roberto Forns Broggi


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Author Biography

Luis I Prádanos, Miami University

Miami University, United States


Luis I. Prádanos (Iñaki) is an Assistant Professor of Hispanic studies at Miami University. His research primarily focuses on different narrative media in the 21st Century. His most current interests are ecocritical theory and posthumanism, ecological economics and political ecology, network and systems theory, digital culture, and global studies. Luis published several book chapters and numerous articles in academic journals such as Letras Peninsulares, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, Confluencia, Gestos, Ecozon@, Ometeca or Monographic Review. He is currently working on a book project, Spanish Ecocritical Theories and Practices.