Statement of Publication Ethics

1) For Authors

The submission of an article to Ecozon@, implies a declaration of authorship. The author or authors of an article must have contributed intellectually to it and approved its final manuscript.

Authors declare that their articles are original and that they do not include material by other authors (plagiarism), or material previously published elsewhere (in its entirety or partially).

Authors declare that the articles submitted to Ecozon@ are not under review elsewhere, nor have been previously published, in any language.

Authors have the sole responsibility for the contents of their text. It is also their responsibility to seek permission for the reproduction of any copyrighted material used in their articles.

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2) For Reviewers

Reviewers will only agree to review a manuscript if they believe they can submit a constructive, honest and impartial report. They will evaluate both the scientific and stylistic quality of those submissions within their area of specialization. If they suspect the identity of the author or authors, they shall notify Ecozon@.

Reviewers shall respect the confidentiality of the peer-review process.

Reviewers should decline to review the manuscript if they have any potentially conflicting or competing interests, or do not have the subject expertise required to review the manuscript.

Reviewers should submit their reports within the agreed deadline.

Reviewers should submit a full critical report, following the guidelines established by Ecozon@. In the comments to the author, a publication recommendation should not be made. This should only be made to the editor. If the reviewer does not recommend the article for publication, the report must detail the reviewer’s objections.

Reviewers are required to inform Ecozon@’s editors of any plagiarism or malpractice detected in a submitted manuscript. The editors will likewise be informed if manuscripts include material published previously elsewhere.

Reviewers will not use any content, ideas, arguments or interpretations obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage.

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3) For Editors

Ecozon@ will treat submissions and personal data with utmost confidentiality. The journal will guarantee the impartiality and integrity of its editorial process.

The journal ensures that all manuscripts shall be evaluated impartially by the most competent reviewers. It will also prevent any conflicting interests.

The journal shall promote good editorial practice and support any initiative to that end. Likewise, it will publish clear instructions addressed both to authors and reviewers.

The journal allows the use of its contents for research and teaching purposes as long as the source is properly referenced (URL, DOI).

This journal adheres to the ethical code of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics): In case of conflict, it will follow the steps described at:

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