<b>Book Review of <i>The Shock of the Anthropocene</i></b> // Reseña de <i>The Shock of the Anthropocene</i>

  • Michael Boyden Uppsala University
Keywords: Anthropocene, climate change, climate engineering


      Book review of The Shock of the Anthropocene



      Reseña de The Shock of the Anthropocene


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Author Biography

Michael Boyden, Uppsala University
Michael Boyden is Associate Professor of American literature at Uppsala University. Boyden is the author of Predicting the Past: The Paradoxes of American Literary History (Leuven UP 2009). He is the editor, with Liselotte Vandenbussche, of the collaborative volume Tales of Transit: Narrative Migrant Spaces in Transatlantic Perspective (Amsterdam UP 2013). He has contributed to such volumes as the New Literary History of America (2009) and has published in journals including Leviathan, Comparative American Studies, Prooftexts and Western American Literature. Boyden is currently working on a book focusing on reverberations of Atlantic revolutionary waves in American fiction from Charles Brockden Brown to Poe.
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