<b>No Ordinary Spider</b> // Una araña poco tradicional


  • Allyson Mary Whipple Austin Community College





     This essay braids the author’s observations of a garden spider along with references to biology, ecology, and literature. The author explores arachnophobia, and discusses the ways in which close encounters with even small aspects of the natural world can allow people to overcome fear, and to have greater respect for the world around them.  



      Este ensayo enlaza las observaciones de la autora sobre una araña de jardín con referencias biológicas, ecológicas y literarias. La autora explora el concepto de aracnofobia y analiza las formas en que los encuentros con los aspectos más pequeños del mundo natural pueden permitir a los seres humanos superar sus miedos y tener un mayor respeto por el mundo que les rodea.


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Author Biography

Allyson Mary Whipple, Austin Community College

Allyson Whipple is an MFA candidate at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is the author of two chapbooks, most recently Come Into the World Like That (Five Oaks Press, 2016). Her poetry and essays focus on the intersection of interior and exterior landscapes. Allyson teaches at Austin Community College, where she is an adjunct assistant professor in the department of Business, Government, and Technical Communication.