<b>„Wir leben vom Nichterklärten“: Wilhelm Lehmanns <i>Bukolisches Tagebuch</i> erscheint in einer bibliophilen Neuausgabe</b> // “We live from what we cannot explain.” Wilhelm Lehmann’s <i>Bucolic Diary</i> Is Published in a Bibliophilic New Edition // “Vivemos de que no podemos explicar.” Una nueva edición bibliófila del <I>Diario Bucólico</I> de Wilhelm Lehmann

  • Bernhard Malkmus Newcastle University


     Book review of Bukolisches Tagebuch und weitere Schriften zur Natur.



      Reseña de Bukolisches Tagebuch und weitere Schriften zur Natur.


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Author Biography

Bernhard Malkmus, Newcastle University
Bernhard Malkmus teaches German literature and intellectual history from the 18th century to the present. He has particular research interests in Goethezeit and Romanticism, modernity and modernism, and contemporary culture. In particular, his work reflects on the way humans have imagined and envisaged their relation to nature, their role in the history of life, and their position in the web of life throughout the modern age. In Newcastle he is developing a new research specialism in the environmental humanities and the Anthropocene with colleagues in other disciplines.