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Author Biography

Andreco -, Independent artist

Andreco was born in Rome, works as artist and scientist. Andreco is also an environmental engineer PhD specialize in sustainability, he did a Post. Doc researches on green technologies for urban sustainability collaborating with the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and the Columbia University of New York City. His artistic research is focused on the relation between humans and nature and between the built environment and the natural landscape. Since 2000 Andreco is researching on different topics as anatomy, environmental sustainability, urbanism, ecology and symbolism, on the base of this researches he is creating new symbols. Andreco uses many techniques to represent his art, from public installations to videos or wall paintings and drawings. Andreco worked for several international festivals, museums and galleries. (show list below)

In the 2014 Andreco realized the solo show “From Clouds to Rocks” at the Traffic Gallery in Bergamo and was part of the show Urban Legends at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome MACRO Testaccio, he was part of the Show "the Entropy Collapse" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone, curated by Alberto Zanchetta, he realized a mural and an installation in Stavanger, Norway, for the Public Art and street Art Festival "NUart", realized the collective performance “Parade for the Landscape”for the project “investigation on the extreme Lends” curated by RaMdom and Gap and was selected for Video Art Year Book 2014 by the department of Visual Arts of the University of Bologna. In the 2013 Andreco realized a mural part of the project “Open in Paintings”, Dolomiti Contemporanee, curated by Gianluca D'Inca Levis. Andreco realized also a permanent sculpture in the park of Wilemsburg in Hamburg for the show “Unkraut”, Dockville Kunst Camp and also a mural in Chiusa Pesio, Cuneo, Italy funded by “Fondazione San Paolo” and curated by Fermenti Musei. In the 2012 he realized the wall painting "The Philosophical Tree" for the project Frontier organized by the city of Bologna and the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MamBo). In 2011 he had his frs solo show in New York City, titled “Contemporary alchemy, the relationship between the humans and the Nature”. In 2010 Andreco realized a giant installation in front the Bologna city hall titled “Turtle’s organs dance”. In 2007 Andreco realized a site-specifc installation project called “escape from the gallery” in Italy, Spain and Germany. “Escape from the gallery” is a fow of whales that start from the galleries or museums and escape into the public space, swimming on the walls of the cities. Between 2007 and 2011 Andreco's videos and animations have been presented in several video art festivals. Like: "Art shake"(Rome, Berlin, Termoli), "The Scientist" (Ferrara), "LPM"(Rome), MAPPING festival (Geneve), Short video art show (Katmandu, Nepal), "Abstracta"(Rome, Cairo, New York) and "Videoart Yearbook 2007" by the Contemporary art department of the University of Bologna. For his animations projects Andreco likes to collaborate with flm makers, musicians and sound artist. Andreco produced work in many festivals like “Glastonbury” in Uk or the “PopUp!” in Ancona.