<b>My Tempest: Or How to Manifest with Myths</b> // Mi Tempestad: O cómo manifestarse con los mitos


  • Catherine Mary Lord




       It is about a young woman, Caliban, a mythical figure in 2018, dealing with her adoptive father Prospero. In the story we discover that she discovers that Prospero killed her mother Sycorax. The ecological forces that know this and have protected Sycorax's mythical spirit are the trees of Prospero's Island. The trees draw Caliban over to the forbidden side of the Isle and they teach Caliban aobut her mother. From both Prospero's science of manifestation and Sycorax's magic, preserved in the trees, Caliban conjures a storm to evict Prospero and Mirand. They go off to work for Monsanto-Bayer, and Caliban protects the Island.



      El texto trata de una mujer joven, Caliban, una figura mítica en 2018, quien ha de lidiar con su padre adoptivo, Prospero. En la historia descubrimos que ella se da cuenta de que Prospero mató a su madre Sycorax. Las fuerzas ecológicas que saben esto y que han protegido el espíritu mítico de Sycorax son los árboles de la isla de Prospero. Los árboles llevan a Caliban a la zona prohibida de la isla y le hablan de su madre. Desde la ciencia de la manifestación de Prospeto, la magia de Sycorax, conservada en los árboles, Caliban conjura una tormenta para echar a Prospero y Mirand. Ellos se marchan a trabajar para Monsanto-Bayer, mientras Caliban protege la isla.



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Author Biography

Catherine Mary Lord

Catherine M. Lord is a tenured lecturer in the Media and Culture Department of the University of Amsterdam. She is a playwright, director and as a scholar has published in the areas of literature, film, adaptation studies, critical theory and practice-based research. Currently, she is focusing her publications on ecocriticism and film, ecocriticism and media ecology. At present she is preparing a book on planetary ecology, climate change and media.