<b>Ada Unseen</b> // Invisible Ada


  • Frances Presley Freelance




      These poems are from a forthcoming book based on the life of Ada Lovelace.  They combine mathematical theory with landscape through innovative poetic form.  I have chosen two themes-wave function and will o' the wisp, both in terms of complex scientific theory and unpredictable natural phenomena. They are rooted in landscapes which are significant for Lovelace and in my own life.



      Estos poemas son de un libro pendiente de publicación sobre la vida de Ada Lovelace. Combinan la teoría matemática con el paisaje en una innovadora forma poética. He escogido dos temas-función de onda y fuegos fatuos, ambos en términos de teoríca cinetífica compleja y de fenómenos naturales impredecibles. Están enraizados en paisajes que son significativos para Lovelace y para mi propia vida.


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Author Biography

Frances Presley, Freelance

Frances Presley lives in London. Most of her work up until 2009 can be found in Paravane (Salt, 2004); Myne (Shearsman, 2006) and Lines of Sight (Shearsman,
2009). Since then she has produced An Alphabet for Alina with artist Peterjon Skelt (Five Seasons, 2012), Halse for Hazel, with images by Irma Irsara (Shearsman, 2014)
which received an Arts Council award, and Sallow (Leafe, 2016). Her new book Ada Unseen (Shearsman, 2019) concerns Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, mathematician and computer visionary, who lived on Exmoor. Presley’s work is in the anthologies Infinite Difference (2010), Ground Aslant: radical landscape poetry (2011) and Out of Everywhere2 (2015).