Periodic Poetry


  • Alex Dreppec Alice Eleonoren-Schule



      Three English poems and one in German - ecopoetry - using chemical element symbols for the complete text and to symbolize pollution and climate change.


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Author Biography

Alex Dreppec, Alice Eleonoren-Schule

Alex Dreppec (pen name) - born 1968 close to Frankfurt as "Alexander Deppert", studied psychology and linguistics and went to Boulder/Colorado for his Ph.D. (finished 2001). German author with hundreds of publications (both poetry and science) in German journals and anthologies, both the most renowned ("Der große Conrady" - since 2008) and the best sold among them. "Wilhelm Busch" Prize 2004.  Numerous English poems on all five continents, literally, e.g. in "Cincinnati Review", "Notre Dame Review" (USA), "Orbis", “The Interpreter's House”, “The Journal” (UK), Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine (Hongkong), New Contrast (South Africa).  He is a regular author of “Das Gedicht”, the biggest poetry journal of Europe. He has invented the “Science Slam”, an event format where scientists present their own research work. It has spread internationally.