Metabolic Machines


  • Thomas Feuerstein Independent Artist





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Author Biography

Thomas Feuerstein, Independent Artist

Thomas Feuerstein was born 1968 in Innsbruck, studied art history and philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, doctorate 1995; works as artist and author in the elds of ne art and media art. From 1992-1994 co-editor with Klaus Strickner of the magazine Medien. Kunst. Passagen., pub- lished by Passagen Verlag Vienna. 1992 founded the o ce for intermedia communication transfer and the association 1992 and 1993 research commissions from the Austrian Ministry of Science on art in electronic space and art and architecture. Since 1997 he has assignments as lecturer as well as visiting professor at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, Bern University of the Arts, der F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign Zurich, University of Innsbruck, Applied Science University Vorarlberg, University Mozarteum Salzburg. Thomas Feuerstein’s work bridges the interface of applied and theoretical science and his projects combine complex bodies of knowledge from philosophy, art history and liter- ature with biotechnology, economics and politics to create artistic narratives.