• Hugh Dunkerley


Hugh Dunkerley is Senior Lecturer at the University of Chichester, where he teaches both creative and critical courses. This year, he published his third book of poetry (Hare, Cinnamon Press, 2010). He has been West Sussex Poet Laureate since 2000. In addition to his work as a much awarded poet, Dunkerley publishes scholarly articles on contemporary poetry. Since the mid nineteen-eighties, when he worked in conservation, he developed a strong interest in environmentalist issues, and in ecocriticism. He was Vice-Chair of the UK section of The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. In 2004, he led ASLE’s biennial conference at Chichester, entitled ‘Cross-Fertilisations: Literature, Science and Nature,’ and was co-editor of Earthographies: Ecocriticism and Culture (New Formations), a special issue of New Formations that was based on that conference. Dunkerley is also reviewing for magazines such as The London Magazine and Envoi, and runs a monthly cabaret for local writers and musicians to promote local talent. The poem “The Whale” that is published in this issue, first appeared in  Hare. We are grateful for the permission to reprint it here.


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Hugh Dunkerley
I am a poet and teach English and Creative Writing at The University of Chichester
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