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  • Lorraine Kerslake University of Alicante




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Lorraine Kerslake, University of Alicante

Lorraine Kerslake, holds a PhD in children’s literature and ecocriticism. She also has a BA in English and French studies and an MA in Translation and Interpreting from Alicante University, Spain, where she currently works teaching English Language and Literature.   

She has worked as a translator of literary criticism, poetry and art and presented papers at International Conferences and published articles and reviews on children’s literature and ecocriticism and in academic journals. In 2013 she co-edited a special edition of the journal Feminismo/s (CEM), on Ecofeminism: Women and Nature. Her current research areas of interest include children’s literature, the representation of animals and nature in literature and art, ecocriticism and ecofeminism. She is an active member of GIECO, the only formal research group on ecocriticism in Spain, as well as ACIS & GALATEA, research group on mythcriticism. She is currently managing editor of the journal of ecocriticism Ecozon@.

Her most recent publications include ‘From Aesop to Wonderland: raising ecocritical awareness through talking animals in children’s literature’ in Transatlantic Landscapes: Environmental Awareness, Literature and the Arts (2016); ‘Pensando como una montaña: un reencuentro con caperucita y el lobo’ in Realidad y Simbología de la Montaña (2012); ‘What can Ecocriticism Learn from Children’s Literature and Talking Animals?’ in Los Caminos de La Lengua (2010); ‘Anthropomorphism: Dressed and Undressed in Beatrix Potter’s Rhymes and Riddles’ in Poetry and Childhood (2010).

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