Interview with Axel Goodbody

  • Irene Sanz Alonso Universidad de Alcala, Spain


Interview with Axel Goodbody about ecocriticism in Europe and EASLCE.


Entrevista con Axel Goodbody sobre la ecocrítica en Europa y sobre EASLCE.


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Author Biography

Irene Sanz Alonso, Universidad de Alcala, Spain
Irene Sanz is a PhD student at the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain). In 2007 she obtained a research grant from the Community of Madrid. She is member of GIECO, a Spanish research group on ecocriticism. She is currently working on her dissertation entitled: "Redefining Humanity in Science Fiction: the Alien from an Ecofeminist Perspective."
General Section 2.1. Spring 2011