Einige Miniaturen and Prose Poems


  • Michael Augustin




A series of prose poems, both in German and in English translation, and three drawings by the author. 

Una serie de poemas en prosa, en el original alemán y su traducción al inglés, junto a tres dibujos del autor.


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Author Biography

Michael Augustin

German poet and broadcaster Michael Augustin was born in Lübeck in 1953. At Radio Bremen he is hosting a regular poetry program and is in charge of the fortnightly radio documentary. He is the author of many volumes of poetry, drama short prose and audio books. His books have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Gaelic and Greek. Augustin has also done work as a translator of poetry and drama. He has read at numerous international literature festivals and is the recipient of the Friedrich-Hebbel-Prize and the Kurt- Magnus-Prize. In 1984 he was a member of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. He is an Honorary Fellow at Dickinson College in the USA where he taught as a visiting professor. He is co-directing the international literature festival Poetry on the Road in Bremen. Nur die Urne schwimmt, a volume of his selected work, was published in 2007 as well as a selection of his work in English translation: Mickle Makes Muckle (Dedalus Press, Dublin). A new selection of prose poems is due to be published this year: Der Bahnhof fährt ab – Reisebilder.