Three Poems


  • Dean Anthony Brink Assistant Professor English Department Tamkang University, Taiwan



poetry, ecopoetry, antiwar poetry


This contribution contains three poems. Two -- "Bay Landscape" and "Waste" -- are about pollution, cancer, art and loss of one's mother. The third, "To You Who Have Been Invaded by America," is an antiwar poem.

Esta contribución contiene tres poemas. Dos de ellos "Bay Landscape" y "Waste" - tratan de la polución, el cáncer, el arte y la pérdida de la madre. El tercero, "To You Who Have Been Invaded by America," es un poema antibélico.


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Author Biography

Dean Anthony Brink, Assistant Professor English Department Tamkang University, Taiwan

Dean Brink (Bao De-Le) is Assistant Professor in the English Department, Tamkang University, Taiwan. His recent research has focused on ideological uses of poetic matrices, extreme intertextuality, and prosthetic relations of language/race/nature in Japanese colonial poetry in Taiwan, where poetry assisted in the exploitation of nature and the justification of genocide of indigenous peoples. Other studies have examined contemporary poetry, including Tawara Machi, John Ashbery, American antiwar poetry, and antiglobalization themes in the poetry of Jiao Tong. Currently he is studying Richard Wright’s later poetry and anti-colonial writings. He grew up in Washington State and spent much of his youth in wild surroundings which are reflected in his poetry. His poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Collective Fallout, Crab Creek Review, Exquisite Corpse, Going Down Swinging, There, Tinfish, and many other journals. He keeps a poetry blog with links to research articles at