Ten Years of Ecozon@: Reflections from the First Managing Editors


  • Margarita Carretero González University of Granada, SpainOxford Centre for Animal Ethics
  • Imelda Martín Junquera University of León




Ten Years of Ecozon@: Reflections from the First Managing Editors


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Author Biographies

Margarita Carretero González, University of Granada, SpainOxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Margarita Carretero González is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the English and German Department of the University of Granada (Spain). She is a scholar on British writer J.R.R. Tolkien’s work and became interested in studying the relationships between individuals and the environment while working on her doctoral thesis on The Lord of the Rings, which she defended in 1996. Since then, she has participated and published both nationally and internationally on fantasy fiction, children’s literature, film and literature, British female novelists of the 19th century, ecocriticism and ecofeminism.

Imelda Martín Junquera, University of León

Imelda Martín Junquera, PhD, is an Associate professor in the Department of Modern Languages, Universidad de León, Spain. Her fields of research and interest include Chicano and Native American Literature and Culture, as well as border studies, all under the framework of ecocriticism, ecofeminism, and environmental justice. She is a member of GIECO (Grupo de investigación en ecocrítica) from the Universidad de Alcalá- Franklin Institute and was part of the Advisory Board of EASLCE from 2014 to 2018. (European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and the Environment). From 2010 to 2016, she was the Executive co-editor of Ecozon@ (European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment). Currently, she is the Director of the journal Estudios Humanísticos Filología published by Universidad de León. Recent publications include her edited volume Landscapes of Writing in Chicano Literature (2013) in Palgrave Macmillan, her chapter “Healing Family History/ (Her) Story: Writing and Gardening in Pat Mora’s House of Houses” in International Perspectives on Chicana/o Studies: “This World is My Place” (2014), and the journal articles “The Inscription of the American Southwest in Navajo Tribal Parks” in Iperstoria. Testi letterature linguaggi (2017) “The Wolf: Reenacting the Myth and Archetype in American Literature and Society”. Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses. 77, pp. 61 - 71. (2018) and “Dialogical Ecofeminist Perspectives in “The Moths” by Helena María Viramontes and “Women Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros” en Ex-Centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media. Issue 3, December 2019 (41-53).