Ecocriticism in Spanish: Book Review of Carmen Flys and Juan Ignacio Oliva (eds.). Ecocrítica. Nerter 15-16 (2010)


  • Maria Dolores Porto Requejo Universidad de Alcalá



Spanish literature


Review of the thematic issue of Nerter, a Spanish literary journal, on Ecocriticism.

Recensión del monográfico sobre Ecocrítica de Nerter, una revista literaria española.


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Author Biography

Maria Dolores Porto Requejo, Universidad de Alcalá

Dr. María Dolores Porto received her PhD from the University Autónoma de Madrid and has been a lecturer at the Universidad de Alcalá, in Madrid, since 2000. Her research has always been related to the connections between mind and language and she has mostly worked in the processes of interpretation of discourse, whether literary, technical, academic or spontaneous. Her publications are all placed in the Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Poetics framework, among them: Poética Cognitiva: análisis textual de una fantasía (2007) and “The role of context in word meaning construction: a case study” in International Journal of English Studies (2007). At present, she is working in a research project on Narrative and Cognition directed by Dr. Manuela Romano with some forthcoming publications, among them “Guiding the listener through multi-spaced oral narratives” in Molina & Riesco (eds) Genre analyisis from a functional and cognitive perspective. Berlin. Mouton de Gruyter.