Art Expressing Human Dialogue with the Land


  • Janet Botes Artist



Janet Botes creates artwork inspired by our experience of - and learning within - our environment(s)


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Author Biography

Janet Botes, Artist

Janet Botes (1984-) is a South African artist whose art aims to express the artist's dialogues with the land, her understanding of our interconnection within the web of life, and deep respect for Mother Earth. Janet uses watercolours, ink, organic found materials, photography, mixed media, and her own body to create images, observations and visual stories about ecology, natural cycles, metamorphosis, and embodied experiences of this world. Her work tends to be process-based and intuitive, and her land art is primarily temporary arrangements that are washed, blown, or carried away by the natural elements and animals, her watercolours are often observations and studies of organic found matter like leaves, twigs, and lichen, but the artwork included in this selection is aimed at showing human involvement, experience and learning in the land. 



2021-02-14 — Updated on 2021-05-12