Suppose a World


  • Leonardo Chinchilla Mora University of Helsinki



Keywords: ecology, Anthropocene, ecological disruption, historical critique, progress


This poem invites the reader to view the same world in two different ways: on the one hand, the weightiest “advancements” of humanity such as buildings and money are juxtaposed to a legacy a ruined ecology through visible progress vectors such as trash, racism, and poverty. On the other hand, the poem also portrays a world that, though possessing an agency of its own, is dying due to humanity´s ambition in devouring natural equilibrium through human-centered concepts only.  


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Author Biography

Leonardo Chinchilla Mora, University of Helsinki

Leonardo Chinchilla-Mora is an independent EFL teacher and language consultant. Graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a Bachelor in English, he entered the Master's Program in English Studies at the University of Helsinki, which he specialized in literature and English teaching. His M.A. thesis explores the depiction of New York from an ecocritical perspective and the critiques of capitalism through the Cli-Fi novel New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson. Regarding further research interests, he's also working on a publication tentatively titled, "Deletion of the Categorical Divide: Sivilization and Amalgamation of Racial Voices in Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Morrison’s “Recitatif." Within the following year, he'll be starting a Subject Teacher English Program (STEP) at the University of Helsinki to be qualified to teach in Finnish institutions.






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