Book Review: Bonnie Roos and Alex Hunt (eds.), Postcolonial Green. Environmental Politics and World Narratives. (Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press, 2010)


  • Sabine von Mering Brandeis University



Book Review: Postcolonial Green. Environmental Politics and World Narratives.


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Author Biography

Sabine von Mering, Brandeis University

Sabine von Mering is Associate Professor of German and Women's and Gender Studies and Director of the Center for German and European Studies at Brandeis University near Boston. Originally from Oldenburg, Germany, she completed her "Staatsexamen" at Goettingen University in
1991 and received her Ph.D. from the University of California Davis in 1998 with a dissertation on tragedies written by women in 18th century Germany. In 2001 she co-edited a volume of articles on "International Green Politics". She has also published on Jewish-German literature, German women dramatists, and German Cinema. She is currently teaching a new course called "Human/Nature--European Perspectives on Climate Change."