Book Review: Greg Garrard (ed.), Teaching Ecocriticism

  • Roman Bartosch


Book Review: Greg Garrard (ed.), Teaching Ecocriticism


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Author Biography

Roman Bartosch

Roman Bartosch studied English, German, Political Sciences and Psychology at the Universities of Cologne and Duisburg-Essen (Germany). Graduated in 2009, he started working on his PhD thesis on the intersection of postcolonial studies and ecocriticism, and the role of fiction in the context of environmental and animal ethics (handed in at University of Duisburg-Essen in October 2011). His interests and main fields of study are literary theory, narratology, ecocriticism, postcolonial literature (esp. J.M. Coetzee), (Neo-)Victorianism and Modernism. Roman Bartosch is currently working as a junior lecturer at the University of Cologne, and he is preparing a study on the role of the city in 19th-century literature.