Christ and the Hens from the Next Transgenic Generation




animal studies, estudios animales, ecopoesía, ecopoetry, religion, religión


This poem was written as a strategy of poetic immersion for ecocritic/ecopoetic research. The idea for this poem appeared during the interdisciplinary exchange entitled “Ganadería x Literatura @Granja T-PIRC” that took place on March 17th 2021 in the Tsukuba-Plant Innovation Research Center, coordinated by professors Maki Eguchi and Atsushi Tajima of  Tsukuba University.


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Author Biography

Yaxkin Melchy Ramos, University of Tsukuba

Yaxkin Melchy Ramos-Yupari is a Mexican-Peruvian poet, researcher, translator of Japanese poetry, and editor with Quechua heritage. He has a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Tsukuba (2023). Since 2015 he has focused on Ecopoetics from a "heart" perspective based on Indigenous American and East Asian peoples' designs of relationships. He has written THE POETICS OF RELATIONSHIP: Ecopoetic Designs from Japan and Mexico (Ph.D. thesis, 2023).