Book Review of "Ecocriticism and the Island: Readings from the British-Irish Archipelago"


  • Rachel Dowse Independent researcher



Book review of Ecocriticism and the Island: Readings from the British-Irish Archipelago.


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Author Biography

Rachel Dowse, Independent researcher

I am a conservationist, independent researcher and occasional writer based in London. Having completed a BA in English Literature at Sussex University and an MA in Wild Writing: Literature and the Environment at Essex University, I went on to a career in practical conservation, which so far has involved running urban greening projects, managing a nature reserve and organising conservation volunteering across London. However, I have kept links to academia and have presented papers at a number of conferences on literature and the environment since 2014, often connecting my practical work with critical analysis of space and place. I have also had creative pieces published in Earthlines, The Island Review, Wild London, The Hope Valley Journal and a flash fiction anthology. Since my MA, I have had a strong interest in connecting my previous research on place and narrative to video games, and am considering a PhD in this subject.