The Nettle Spinner




Definitive illustrations for "The Nettle Spinner" by Wendy Wuyts.


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Author Biographies

Wendy Wuyts, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Wendy Wuyts holds a PhD in environmental science from Nagoya University, Japan, and is a writer and certified forest therapy guide. After living for almost four years in Asia, she returned to Europe and started to dig up almost lost folktales from her birth country Belgium, looking for transformative narratives that can repair broken relationships. She is the author of Als Meubels Konden Spreken (in English: if furniture could talk), co-funded by the Flemish ministry of environment, and she curates Currently she lives in Norway, works part-time for a circular startup.

Yule Hermans, independent artist

In my illustrations, I aim to narrate small stories. I work based on emotions, creating atmospheric and poetic images. By intertwining reality and magic, my illustrations often become layered. In 2018 I graduated frond Sint Lucas Antwerp. After that I started illustration various picturebooks for Lannoo, Pelckmans and De Eenhoorn. For Postkantoor 00/00/00, I draw solace as a response to letters to people who passed away. In addition to illustrations for children’s books, I also create editorial illustrations and autonomous work. Occasionally, I relocate my drawing table to a stage, where I create live illustrations for storytelling performances.