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  • Luca Bugnone




landscape, stone, narrative scolarship, iceland, alps


     This prose is a love letter to Iceland: female body, metaphysical land, and lover. It is both a comparison and a reflection: a comparison between the Norths I experienced, the subarctic North of Iceland and the Mediterranean North of the Alps; and a reflection about two different worlds, old and new, human and more-than-human. Conceived initially as an article, this piece of writing has rapidly assumed a more spontaneous, prismatic and almost anarchist identity, landing to a stylistic method very close to narrative scholarship.


       Esta prosa es una carta de amor a Islandia cuerpo femenino, tierra metafísica y amante. Es tanto una comparación como una reflexión: una comparación entre los nortes que he experimentado, el norte subártico de Islandia y el norte mediterráneo de los Alpes; y una reflexión sobre dos mundos diferentes, viejo y nuevo, humano y más-que-humano. Incialmente concebida como un artíclo, esta obra asumió rápidamente una identidad más espontánea, prismática y casi anarquista, desembocando en un método estilístico muy próximo a la narrativa académica.


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Author Biography

Luca Bugnone



Luca Bugnone (Giaveno, 1984) graduated cum laude in Comparative Literature from the University of Turin, Italy, with a thesis focused on the eco-narrative intersections of geology, politics, history and literature in the Susa Valley, an Alpine site west of Turin. His short stories have been published in several anthologies. He likes to think of himself as a mountain wanderer, a pilgrim through highlands and the peaks of mind, firmly trusting in the revolutionary power of slowness.





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