<b>Book Review: Embracing the End: American Apocalypse in the Twenty-first Century</b> // Reseña: Aceptando el final: el apocalipsis americano en el siglo XXI

  • Chad Weidner UCR Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Book Review


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Chad Weidner, UCR Utrecht University, the Netherlands

UCR Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Dr. Chad Weidner is Assistant Professor at University College, Roosevelt, a faculty of Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation, and has recently been awarded Utrecht University’s Senior Teaching Qualification. His research interests include Ecocriticism, William Burroughs, and the Beat Generation. He was invited keynote speaker at the “Wood in a Changing Culture” Symposium in Xianyou, China in 2014. He has presented his research in Africa, Asia, North America, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe.


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