<b>Animal behaviour</b> // Comportamiento animal


  • Remo Savisaar Estonia




Nature photography has many different categories:  there’s no easy or hard one. One might think that taking photos of animals is harder than, for example, doing landscape photography. But all the best photography goes beyond mere documentation to overlay the moment with the artistic vision of the photographer. In the end, knowledge of subject, field craft, approach, patience (a lot of patience), composition and technical ability with the camera are all that matters. We nature photographers search for special moments which sometimes last only for brief seconds. These can be rarely seen moments of light on the landscape, the interesting behaviour of an animal or just the beauty of simplicity. Not every place or moment offers a perfect photographic opportunity. We have to keep on looking, searching, studying. And when the right moment occurs we have to be prepared for it, which means pretty often we have THAT picture in our mind long before we finally see it happen. From over ten years in wildlife photography I have found some fields to be my favourites. Animal behaviour is one of those which offer me most satisfaction. All the following pictures you see here can be placed in that category. More of my work can be seen in my daily blog (blog.moment.ee).



La fotografía de la naturaleza se divide en muchas categorías, no existe ni una fácil ni una difícil. Uno puede pensar que hacer fotos de animales es más difícil que, por ejemplo, hacer fotografía del paisaje. Pero la mejor fotografía va más allá de la mera documentación hasta recubrir el momento con la visión artística del fotógrafo. Al final, el conocimiento del tema, la destreza, el enfoque, la paciencia (mucha paciencia), la composición y la habilidad técnica con la cámara son todo lo que importa. Los fotógrafos de la naturaleza buscamos momentos especiales que a veces sólo duran unos segundos. Estos momentos pueden ser instantes de luz en el paisaje raramente vistos, el comportamiento interesante de un animal o simplemente la belleza de la simplicidad. No todos los lugares o los momentos ofrecen una oportunidad fotográfica perfecta. Tenemos que seguir mirando, buscando, estudiando. Y cuando el momento adecuado ocurre tenemos que estar preparados, lo que significa que a menudo tenemos ESA imagen en nuestra mente mucho antes de que la veamos ocurrir. En cerca de diez años de fotografía de la vida salvaje he encontrado algunos campos que se han convertido en mis favoritos, dentro de los que se enmarcan las fotografías que pueden verse en esta revista. Puede verse más de mi trabajo en mi blog (blog.moment.ee).


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Author Biography

Remo Savisaar, Estonia



Remo Savisaar was born in 1978 in Tartu, Estonia. He is one of the most renowned nature photographers in Estonia. He has been a professional nature photographer over ten years. He loves being in nature, watching and studying – it fills him with positive emotions. Remo likes to concentrate on one specie at a time, to get to know them. He also enjoys taking photos of landscapes, insects, details and flowers. Remo’s work has been published extensively both in Europe and beyond (including National Geographic). His photo blog has won first prize and the title “Best Animal Photography’ in an international contest (Photobloggies 2006 Awards). Remo has received numerous other awards in national and international nature photo contests. He won Grand Prize in the Estonian Nature Photo contest in 2011. His most recent success was becoming Winner in the “Other animals” category at GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013. He also became Runner-up in the Black & White category in the most prestigious competitions of its kind – Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012. He is a professional wildlife guide and also leads photo workshops, writes articles, gives lectures and talks. Remo has had several individual nature photo exhibitions and taken part in group exhibitions as well. His exhibition works have been in China, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia.






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