Literature; Culture; Environment; Ecocriticism; Ecofeminism; Animal Studies; Bio-art; Environmental Ethics

Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

New Ecocritical Perspectives: European and Transnational Ecocriticism

Cover Page

Starting a new journal is like laying out a garden. It involves envisioning a place for different plants to live and thrive in ― a place to cherish and care for, in order to bring a project to fruition. A product of the combined imagination and efforts of GIECO and EASLCE, Ecozon@ is a new, important element in the European intellectual landscape. And a necessary one, being the first ecocritical journal to serve the continent of Europe as a whole.

Ecozon@ is unique in character. It is not just an interdisciplinary forum, but also the first multilingual platform for ecocriticism. Its special aim is to contribute to world-wide ecocritical debate with original European perspectives, while at the same time promoting the spread of ecocriticism in non-English speaking countries. Ecozon@ thus seeks to be a place of encounter for different experiences, and a medium giving cultural issues about the global environment a new linguistic dimension: a local, a multi-centred, and above all a plural one.

As President of EASLCE I am honoured and pleased to salute Ecozon@ and to express my gratitude to Carmen Flys, Axel Goodbody, Imelda Martin, Margarita Carretero, Isabel Hoving, Hannes Berthaller and all the production team. On their behalf, as well as on my own, I invite our readers and contributors to actively inhabit with us this newly created garden. Its flourishing is a project, and a promise, that we wish to share with the whole ecocritical community. 

Serenella Iovino