Editorial 12.1


  • Heather I. Sullivan Trinity University




Editorial Issue 12.1


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Author Biography

Heather I. Sullivan, Trinity University

Professor of German, Chair of Interdisciplinary Minor in Comparative Literature, at the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Trinity University. Her main areas of interest are Goethe, science, German and comparative literature, ecocriticism, and science fiction. Her recent publications include: co-author with Dana Phillips of Introduction to the special edition on: “Material Ecocriticism: Dirt, Waste, Bodies, Food, and Other Matter,” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment 19.3 (2012): 445-447; “Dirt Theory and Material Ecocriticism” for the special edition in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment 19.3 (2012): 515-531; “Faust’s Mountains: An Ecocritical Reading of Goethe’s Tragedy and Science.” In: Heights of Reflection: Mountains in the German Imagination from the Middle Ages to the Twenty-First Century, eds. Sean Ireton and Caroline Schaumann. Rochester, New York: Camden House, 2012; 116-133. She is Associate Editor in the journal Ecozon@.