Ocean Acidification as a Hyperobject: Mediating Acidic Milieus in the Anthropocene


  • Oriol Batalla University of Barcelona




Anthropocene, hyperobjects, ocean acidification, new materialism, environmental humanities


Through the usage of Timothy Morton’s hyperobjects (2013) as a heuristic, this essay aims to portray how Ocean Acidification can be read as a hyperobject affecting tropical seawaters and beyond. Furthermore, it illustrates how the arts and humanities, through their hermeneutical gaze, might help us grasp Ocean Acidification as a hyperobject and the wide array of other objects that act upon each other in such acidic oceanic waters. In this task, the article will close-read the Underwater Woman set of pictures by Christine Ren (2018) understanding the interpretation of art as a tool to reconnect cognition and emotion to move from the understanding of a crisis to the feeling of such crisis. Finally, it aims to shed light upon the implications arising from considering Ocean Acidification as a hyperobject. By connecting the theoretical, visual and political in the same narrative, this essay highlights the transformative potential of interpretation and thinking through hyperobjects. With this, the challenges of the Anthropocene are put at the forefront, situating specific events and problematics in a planetary scale.


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Author Biography

Oriol Batalla, University of Barcelona

Oriol Batalla is PhD fellow on Social and Cultural Theory at the University of Barcelona. His dissertation is carried out at the Center for the Study of Culture, Politics and Society (CECUPS). His research focuses on the Environmental Humanities, Critical Social Theory, Political Philosophy, Extinction Studies and Cultural Analysis. His work has appeared in edited books by Columbia University Press, Active Distribution and journals such as Indialogs, Matter or CES e-cadernos






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