• Dan Thomas-Glass




Caribbean, globalization, environment, history, writing


This poem takes the hours of high and low tide on the Mayan Peninsula during a two-week stretch as its line lengths (# of words corresponding to the 24 hour clock). Through the lens of the sea, it tries to track the affective experience of labor from Mexico to Dubai in the bodies of my family members who were making that roundtrip in 2009.


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Author Biography

Dan Thomas-Glass

Dan Thomas-Glass is a poet in the San Francisco Bay Area. His poems and critical work have appeared in Little Red Leaves, Volt, Versal, Jacket, Jacket2, Taiga, TRY!, c_Ling, Reconfigurations, The Poetic Labor Project, Concrete, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Tarpaulin Sky, ON: Contemporary Practice, Shampoo, Other Letters, The Argotist, Caffeine Destiny, Poetry Now, Kitchen Sink, BLACKBOX, Dusted Magazine, Digital Artifact, and elsewhere. He has published chapbooks with Little Red Leaves Textile Series, Furniture Press, and Deep Oakland Editions. His metrical exploration of national identity, The Great American Beatjack Volume I, will be published in 2012 by Perfect Lovers Press. He wrote a dissertation on language poetry and rap music called Total Noise: Language Poetry Hip Hop and Urban Collapse. Thomas-Glass is the editor and publisher of With + Stand, a journal of postindustrial poetics. He and his wife Kate have two young daughters named Sonia and Alma. He attended the University of Alcala for one year as an undergraduate, where he mostly studied Federico Garcia Lorca. "Hearing the Caribbean do you not imagine mercantile vessels trolling the martyrless waters thick with early modernity & names for all those beards?" was written using the high and low tides in Tulum, Mexico in February 2009 for its line lengths.