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  • Imelda Martin Junquera Universidad de Leon




Whole issue 5.1.


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Author Biography

Imelda Martin Junquera, Universidad de Leon

Imelda Martin-Junquera is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Modern Languages, Universidad de León, Spain. Ph.D.in American Literature (Ph.D Award) Universidad de León, Spain, 2003, Most recent publications: "The Brick People and the Struggle for Survival" en Gurpegui, José Antonio & Gómez Galisteo, Carmen (eds.) Interpreting the New Milenio. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. "Ecocrítica, racismo medioambiental y Renacimiento chicano" en González Boixo, José Carlos (ed.) Tendencias narrativas en la literatura mexicana actual. Madrid/Frankfurt: Vervuert/Iberoamericana, 2009. Member of the Institute for Research on Women (Rutgers University, New Jersey) Seminar in 2001-2002 ("Gender, Race, Ethnicity in Local and Global Contexts)and 2007-2008 ("Communities: Research and Action")