Voulay-vous éc(h)opoétizay aveck moy ?


  • Bénédicte Meillon University of Perpignan, France




ecopoetics, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, francophone, anglophone


      The recent French surge of interest in ecocriticism has sparked interesting debates about whether there might be a French specificity in the field. Foregrounding the use of the term “ecopoétique,” some have argued that Francophone academics focus less on the thematic and ideological aspects of environmental literature than Anglophone scholars do, to better scrutinize the poetic fabric of the text. Relying on my own liminal experience as an academic with a bicultural background, trained in English studies mostly in France but with readings predominantly form the English-speaking world, I would like to propose a piece of semi-narrative writing, drawing connections between various cultural threads that I have learned to braid. I aim to tease out some of the influences that have come together to determine my cross-cultural practice of research in ecopoetics and ecofeminism–another ecocritical movement that was largely ignored in France until just recently and is now blooming. Furthermore, this essay delineates some of the leading initiatives and trends that have emerged in the past few years, bringing together various Francophone scholars and networks that have greatly contributed to the blossoming of ecocriticism in French academia. Finally, I cast light on some of the work carried out by the University of Perpignan Ecopoetics workshop. I draw out the guiding principles and perspectives that we believe can bring about innovative developments in the field.


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Author Biography

Bénédicte Meillon, University of Perpignan, France

Bénédicte Meillon is Associate Professor at the University of Perpignan, where she runs the UPVD ecopoetics, ecocriticism, and ecoanthropology research workshop as well as the https://ecopoetique.hypotheses.org/ website. Her research explores an ecopoetics of reenchantment, paying close attention to the intra-actions between naturecultures and the texture of ecopoetic language itself. She has coordinated two international conferences in Perpignan in 2016 and 2019. She has co-edited a special issue of Crossways Journal, with Dr. Margot Lauwers, Lieux d’enchantement: approches écocritiques et écopoét(h)iques des liens entre humains et non-humains, 2018, and edited Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Renechanting the Earth, in Rowman & Littlefield’s Ecocritical Theory and Practice series, 2020. She is currently writing a monograph titled What Matters Sings: An Ecopoetics of Reenchantment and Liminal Realism.





Articles: Literature, Landscape and Identity in Nations and Regions