<b>Introduction: Translating Environmental Humanities</b> // Introducción: La traducción en las humanidades ecologistas

  • Carmen Valero-Garcés Universidad de Alcalá
Keywords: translation, environmental humanities


Introduction to Special Focus Section


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Author Biography

Carmen Valero-Garcés, Universidad de Alcalá

University of Alcala, Spain


Carmen Valero- Garcés  (carmen.valero@uah.es) is a Full Professor of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Alcalá, Madrid (Spain), and the Director of the Post Graduate Program on Public Service Interpreting and Translation (http://www2.uah.es/traduccion). She is also the coordinator of The International Conference on Translation and Interpreting held at Alcalá since 1995 and the editor of the Proceedings and responsible of the Research Group FITISPos® (http://www.fitispos.com.es) and member of the COMUNICA network.

As member of the research group GIECO, she is engaged in the study of the relationships between Ecocriticism and Translation. Some of her contributions in this area are the articles: “Glosario básico multilingüe” and “Reflexiones en torno a la Ecocrítica, traducción y terminología” (2010), in Ecocríticas. Literatura y medio ambiente (C. Flys, J. M. Marrero y J. Barella (eds);  “Walden & Campos de Castilla. Translated. Landscapes and ‘eco-translation’?” (2008), in Carmen Flys et al.  Proceedings of the 3rd EASCLE Conference "Cultural Landscapes: Heritage and Conservation";  “Ecocriticism and translation” in Odisea, 2012, and  “Estudios de traducción  y ecocrítica.  Un ejemplo: pájaros que no siempre llegan a su destino”, in Sendebar, 2012.

Translating Environmental Humanities